The Current Culture: Relationships

I was joined by Jaime Bronstein this week and we talked in depth about relationships in 2020.

Our topics ranged a lot, which you will see in the video. Jaime has been practising for over 15 years and she has dealt with many clients who face troubling problems all the time, and Jaime always helps them no matter what. So I wanted to interview her about how she feels about certain issues with relationships in 2020.

Here are her links:



Radio Show:



Here are the articles she also mentioned during the interview!
1) The Importance of Saying “I Love You” in a relationship
2) The Eight Qualities of a Happy and Successful Marriage:
3) How to Approach Difficult Conversations with your Spouse: (this is the one about racism convos)

As Jaime said, she is also offering a FREE 30 MINUTE SESSION to anyone watching this! Just email and mention that you came from my video!

Hope you enjoyed! I will also feature as a guest on Jaime’s radio show in the future so stay tuned on my instagram for more details!
Insta – @nathanmellule

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